About TSU International

One of the Leading Private Security Companies in Africa

TSU International is supported by the respected infrastructure and network already implemented by TSU Protection Services, the market leader in the executive protection arena within South Africa. TSU International has a large and impressive number of corporate clients that has grown exponentially from the simple ideology that “service sells”. As a company, we strive to ensure that service levels are consistently maintained well above the norm within the competitive security industry. This is achieved by working closely with corporate security managers and ensuring that we design and develop unique solutions for each of our clients.

Our relationship with International Companies has added value to our operation through the experience gained in exposure to their methodologies and their international client-base, combined with our African roots and well established networks throughout the continent, we are able to offer our clients, our partners and their clients a total unique and beneficial consultancy and risk analysis service that cannot easily be matched.

TSU International specialises in executive protection, executive support, training and consultancy. We have expanded our footprint in the rest of Africa by means of a very clear and carefully considered strategy. This has enabled us to carefully select strategic partners and secure alliances with reputable organisations in priority areas. We are ready to assist you with your security requirements in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the DRC, Angola, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

TSU International is spearheaded by the competent team of Chris Beukes, Jurie Hayes and Herman Bosman, whose combined experience in the safety and security industry spans more than 90 years. Their TSU Protection Services support teams in Pretoria and Cape Town includes the internationally accredited City and Guilds and SASSETA training division headed by Marthin Botha.



Chris BeukesChris Beukes - CEO
Chris is a former member of the South African Police Services. He was a member of the South African Police Special Task Force. He was involved in the planning and execution of numerous operations.  He left the unit in January 1999 and started TSU Protection Services (PTY) Ltd in February 1999.
His security experience includes working as a Security Advisor too many fortune 500 companies, tasked with the protection of many CEO's and other VIP clients. He has consulted many corporate executives and corporate companies with security plans. The company has been involved in protection and security work for clients during the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, as well as overseeing the execution of the security plan. 

He has brought many high caliber experience security specialists into TSU Protection Services.  Many were previous colleagues from the SAPS Special Task Force, Presidential and VIP Units.  Not only are services rendered to local companies but TSU Protection Services provides services to some of the largest companies in the world;  mobile, law firms, mining industry, IT companies, retail companies, bank groups etc.
With 26 years of experience in the security field he has built the company to 1700 full time permanent employees.  He is also on the Board of Directors of TSU International SA, TSU Protection Services Namibia, TSU International UK, A.M. Security, TSU Protect and TSU Training Solutions which all form part of the TSU Group of Companies.

Jurie Hayes - Operations Manager: Africa
Jurie served in the South African Police service for twenty years and left the SAPS in 2012 with the rank of Detective Warrant Officer. During his time in the SAPS he served in numerous units. He started his career in the Public Order Unit and then moved to the Border Patrol Unit in Cape Town Harbour. There he was in charge of a number of operations as Team Leader. In 2005 he joined the Organized Crime Unit as investigator on syndicate related crimes. During 2007 he moved to the Stock Theft Unit where he acted as unit commander.

During his tenure in the SAPS he attended numerous courses including SWAT, Border Police, Vessel Handling, Tracking, Detective, Stock Theft Detective and Police Diving courses. After he left the SAPS in 2012, he spent 2 years in Mozambique as an off-shore team leader on vessels deployed in anti-piracy operations.

He joined TSU in November 2014. With over a decade of experience in management roles and his experience working across a variety of safety and security related operations, he proves to be an invaluable source as we continue to grow the TSU International business.

Herman Bosman Herman Bosman - Kidnapping and Extortion Manager
Herman was the provincial commander of the South African Police Service’s Hostage Negotiation Team, as a Lt-Col for 20 years. He developed law enforcement and hostage negotiation equipment, together with engineers from Stellenbosch, which are now used throughout South Africa and Namibia. Among his duties in the 22 years he spent in the unit was managing hundreds of hostage- and suicide related incidents in the Western Cape and abroad, selecting and training people for hostage-related incident management (theory and practical) as well as logistical and financial management. He provided training to various countries including Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, France, Latvia etc. He was also a permanent member of all the National Key Point, Joint Planning Committee Structures in the Western Cape.

Some of the more challenging incidents he was involved in were the arrest of those responsible for kidnapping a Dutch teenage boy who was seized in Cape Town and family extorted for R5 million, and the succesful management of a kidnapping of two minors and detaining them on a catamaran off the Virgin Islands. The children were located safely and no ransom was paid in either of the incidents.

In 2000 he went to Louisiana State University Socorro, New Mexico, USA for training as part of the US Department of State Antiterrorism Assistance Program and was also responsible for hosting a working session in 2009 in the Strand, Western Cape, RSA with the French GIGN in the management of mass hostage incidents.

Herman’s experience is widely recognised. In 2005 he was invited to do a Kidnapping Management presentation at The International Negotiators Working Group in Vancouver, Canada. He was also part of the planning of various major events, such as the 2010 Soccer World Cup where he was part of the police’s planning and command structure in the Western Cape. Before joining the hostage negotiation team, Herman’s 29 years police experience includes acting head of the police’s Crime Reaction Unit in Maitland, where attending high-risk shooting incidents and media liaison were part of his duties. Prior to that he was crime prevention head at Sea Point police station.

Herman studied law at university, graduating with a B. Proc and BA LLB. He is authorised to practice as an advocate in the High Court of South Africa.

Peet Viljoen - Head of Investigations
Peet is a former member of the South African Police service with vast experience in criminal investigations. He began his career at a young age as a detective in the criminal investigation department and progressed through the ranks until his retirement at the rank of Brigadier holding the position of Regional Chief of Crime Prevention and Investigation for the Pretoria region. He also served in the murder and robbery unit and vehicle theft unit for a number of years.

During his tenure as regional commander he also managed the operations of the narcotics unit, commercial fraud unit, stock theft unit and gold and diamond unit in the region.

During the span of his career, Peet was often appointed by head office to investigate several high profile cases all over the country which he was able to complete successfully, and for which he was commended by the Commissioner of Police.

He achieved his BA Degree in Police Science and a BA Hons. Degree in Physical Security from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and thereafter became a part -time subject matter expert in Criminal Investigations at the Technicon RSA. He was subsequently offered a position in the Police Science and Criminology Faculty of the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he served as a part time lecturer until late in 1995 he founded a specialist fraud investigation unit for one of South Africa’s largest short term insurers with the objective to manage and prevent insurance fraud. He served as Head of Fraud Investigations for 17 years, and received awards for outstanding service on two occasions.

During his time as Insurance Fraud Investigator he became a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) as well as the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI), he also identified the need for an Insurance Crime Bureau and subsequently played a pivotal role in the establishment of the South African Insurance Crime Bureau.(SAICB) in which he served on the Board of Directors.

Peet joined TSU International as Head of Investigations in 2015 and he is a great asset to our Company.

Johan Fryer – Head of Training & Education
Johan joined the South African Police Service in 1985. He was stationed at the SAPS Tshwane College itself and was utilized as a Musketry Instructor. In 1993 he did the Special Task Force Training course. He did his entire advance training courses during that same year and was utilized as a Special Task Force Operator during his time stationed at the unit. He was also intensively involved in developing courses for the SAPS, specialised units within the SAPS and other units. In 2006 he was transferred to the STF Operational Unit where he was utilized as a subject matter expert in the presentation of Rural Survival and Sniping courses presented as elective training for the unit’s first tier operators.

His operational experience involved numerous operations which have included the release of hostages from buildings the release of kidnapped hostages, apprehending armed and dangerous criminals, joint cross-border operations to destroy arms caches, deploying in a counter sniping during the protecting and visiting of numerous Heads of State and foreign dignitaries on official visits to South Africa, protecting the President of South Africa and numerous high risk operations as well. Johan joined TSU International in 2016 as Head of Training & Education.

Wimpie EspagWimpie Espag - Director
As a young Policeman he started his career in the SAPS Special Task Force and was deployed as Operational member and Instructor. He commenced in rank from Constable to Senior Colonel and was appointed as Operational Section Commander, Acting National Training Commander and Operational Platoon Commander. 

During his time as Operator, Duty Officer and Commander, he was confronted by loads of Hi-Risk Operations Nationwide. Hostage Dramas; Kidnappings; Bank Robberies; Cash in Transit Heists; Drug Seizures; Search and Rescue operations was at the order of the day. Service of the highest quality was provided to Specialized Police Units known as Murder and Robbery Unit, Internal Stability Units, Fire Arms Unit, Special Investigation Unit, Child Protection Unit, Anti-Corruption Unit, Anti Hi-Jacking Unit, Heath Special Investigations Unit, Endangered Species Unit, VIP- Protection Unit and other Police Units. 
Not only was services rendered to the Local Community but also to certain International Countries like Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Botswana, Transkei, Swazi Land, Venda, etc. VIP- Protection played a huge role in meet and interview acting with Foreign Countries and Delegates especially during the African Union Summit and World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Protection was provided to Local State Presidents such as F.W De Klerk, RSA; Nelson Mandela, RSA; Thabo Mbeki, RSA and other State Presidents like Bill Clinton, USA; Fidel Castro, Cuba; Yasser Arafat, Palestine; Muammar Al Gadaffi, Libya and the State of the Vatican City, Pope Paulus . International Sport Teams like the World Rugby Team, 1989; All Black’s, 1992; Wallabies, 1992; French, 1994; Australian and other Cricket Teams part of the 2002 Cricket World Cup during their visit to South Africa was also looked after. As Special Task Force Instructor, he was utilized in training Basic and Advanced Fire arm Handling Techniques, Advanced Urban Survival Techniques, Physical Training, Advance Endurance Training and VIP-Protection Training. 

Training was provided to Members of the Special Task Force, Current Operators and New Recruits; other SAPS Members; Members of the SANDF Special Forces; Members of the Directorate of Special Operations (Scorpions) and other Local and International Agencies.

Wimpie joined TSU in 2007 and was appointed as Head of Training. In this time he had been the driving force behind us gaining City and Guilds accreditation. He also developed a number of specialized training courses including tactical training and crowd control courses, which had been accepted and approved by SASSETA. His experience and hands-on approach with an experienced team has ensured that TSU training remains a step “above the rest”.  He was promoted to Director of TSU International in 2017.

Steven Lochner - Managing Director (TSU Protection Services Namibia)
His relevant experience that started in 1981, include the following:
Executive Protection -
He started off as owner of a security outlet, and started an association with TSU in 2001, and then joined TSU on a permanent basis in 2012  . He has been active in the field of close protection as DL, TL and CPO since 1992. 

Over the years, he underwent close protection and tactical firearms training with different international service providers. Clients protected by him and his team consisted mostly of corporate executives, but also included some of the world’s most well-known celebrities.
SA Military – Instructor and troop sergeant. Hostile environment deployment.

Police reserve force – Completed the SA police S.W.A.T course

Special event security – Controlled security at big sporting events, high profile private functions, rock shows etc

Working dog training and application – Obedience and protection dog. Received the accolade of “most improved dog of the year” award by the German Shepherd dog club of SA. Use of dogs for hostile crowd control.

Nightclub and entertainment venue security – He started a business providing door security personnel to entertainment venues. He specialised in taking over trouble spots, end keeping venues safe of organised crime syndicates and drugs. He is the founder of NEVPA (Nightclub and Entertainment Venue Protection Alliance), through which he combined all bouncer groups operating in the city, that were believed to be clean as far as criminal activities and drugs were concerned. His reputation of fighting against drugs and crime, caused him to be invited as special guest on a tv program that specialised on gangs, violence, organised crime etc. During his different altercations through the years, often involving different types of weapons, he was shot, stabbed and seriously hurt by an explosive device. It has to be mentioned that he firmly believes it is by the grace of God alone that he is still alive today, and not his own ability.

Tactical training – He did training with different international service providers. His association with TSU started in 2001 . He combined as a training team for TSU, with a former urban instructor of the SA Police Special Task force. Their relationship benefitted from their different fields of experience and expertise.  They presented executive protection and tactical training to civilians, police, traffic and law enforcement units in South Africa for a period of over 4 years.

Sport combat – He trained in different sport combat arts. Achieved black belt and also numerous medals and titles in different sport combat codes. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) instructor. One of his former students became the holder of 3 international MMA titles. He is still until today the only MMA instructor in Africa who’s student fought an opponent who became UFC (The premier MMA organisation in the world) champion. The sport of modern day MMA can be accredited to Brazil. In Brazil it is called Vale Tudo. He was appointed the SA representative to the IVC (International Vale Tudo Council) in Brazil, in 2001, with the objective to develop the sport of MMA in SA.

CQS and CQB courses – He has been instructing operators in different fields of operation, in street-wise CQB (Close Quarter Battle) since 1992. He is also the author and instructor of the very popular CQS (Close Quarter Survival) course. It is mainly his practical experience for a period of about 12 years taking part in, and witnessing many street altercations, mostly while been outnumbered, and often through ambush and surprise, that taught him a very special survival mindset. He believes it is this experience that equipped him to author and instruct the CQS and CQB courses.  This experience is today transferred to students.

Relevant qualifications:
He completed the following courses recognised by the SIA(UK)
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)
  • Level 3 Certificate for Close Protection Instructors
  • Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security industry (QCF)
  • Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training
  • Level 3 Award for Control and Restraint Instructors
South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC):
  • Instructor in handgun, carbine and shotgun in basic competency, competency for business purposes, and tactical use
Advanced driving instructor

Qualified Range Officer