Executive Protection Services World Wide

Due to escalating crime rates everywhere, there is a growing need in Africa for Close Protection Officers to provide personal security to high-profile persons and key employees. TSU International offers the most professional Executive Protection Service available on the continent. It is important to protect your company’s current and future profitability by safeguarding key human resources by providing your executives and staff with a safe and secure work environment.

“ Leadership of your organisation is an asset and should be safetly
protected by the best.”

Professional, Highly Trained Bodyguards from TSU International

TSU International puts the safety of our clients first by deploying only highly qualified and skilled personnel for each client. Close Protection Services requires specialised skills and TSU International is well recognised and regarded as a leader in Africa, offering a world class service.

“TSU International Offers a world class service as a leader in Africa”


  • VIP Guarding
  • TSU Protect Mobile Safety & Security App
  • Specialised Training Solutions
  • Consulting / Risk Management
  • Tactical Support Teams
  • Riot / Crowd Control Management
  • Technical Security Solutions
  • Armed Escorts
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Protection
  • A-Grade Armed Guards
  • Polygraph and Investigations