specialised training

Specialised Training

TSU International operates within a niche market and over a period of twenty years, TSU has become highly regarded and recognised within the industry as a leader, offering a world class training service externally as well as internally. TSU International is supported by the well-established infrastructure and network already build up by TSU Training Solutions and TSU Protections Services, the market leader in executive protection in South Africa. Training is based on the same methodologies as globally performed by Police, Military and Specialised Security Forces.

“ TSU offers an unmatched level of experience and expertise.”

Training Course

TSU offers training courses that will provide your personnel with the knowledge they need to be prepared for real-life risks and situations. Candidates receive state of the art, sophisticated training on proven methods to deal with current and future threats. TSU instructors do not only teach their skills, they practice them daily. Our training personnel consists of both full-time instructors and field agents who incorporate all the necessary principles and practices from real situations they encounter daily.

“TSU provide rigorous, intensive and specialised training on the highest standard levels”


  • VIP Guarding
  • TSU Protect Mobile Safety & Security App
  • Specialised Training Solutions
  • Consulting / Risk Management
  • Tactical Support Teams
  • Riot / Crowd Control Management
  • Technical Security Solutions
  • Armed Escorts
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Protection
  • A-Grade Armed Guards
  • Polygraph and Investigations